The Port of Liverpool is expanding, recent work includes the completion of a deep water terminal, capable of handling the world's biggest container ships. Peel Holdings forecast a 500% rise in the number of containers the Port of Liverpool will handle. The port currently handles about 500,000 containers every year, this is set to increase to 3 million a year.

Whilst a 500% increase is good news for Peel Holdings, the increase is directly related to the expansion of the operation within the port and this, inevitably, will have a significant environmental impact.

This website was set up after more than a year of communication with Peel Holdings, a period during which concerns were voiced and simple examples provided of how the expansion of the port is having a significant and increasingly negative impact on the residents, businesses, visitors to Crosby Marina and wildlife outside of the port. It became clear that although representatives within the port had highlighted Peel Holdings were aware of the company's responsbilities, with several positve statements, the reality of the negative environmental impact was not fully understood. The Port of Liverpool is a huge operation, and the conclusion was reached that maybe help from outside of the port would be advantageous for Peel Holdings in their desire to meet their own objective of operating with environmental responsibilty. It is easy to state a desire to strive for quality and environmental standards, but the implementation of effective quality and environmental systems, regularly audited, with the emphasis on continuous improvement is the only way to achieve such standards.

The aim of this website is to genuinely assist Peel Holdings in their stated objective to address the environmental impact the Port of Liverpool is having, providing examples and evidence of just where and what the issues are, making it significantly easier and quicker for the team within the port to address them. Content will be available via this website in several forms, including live broadcasts of the actual operation, archived videos, articles and an online diary.

The scope of this website is to focus on the operation within the port and any negative impact it may be having on people surrounding the Port of Liverpool, including those in sheltered accomodation and care homes, schools, businesses, and, additionally, wildlife, including the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), located to the very north of the port. So, although the expansion of the Port of Liverpool may be having further impact outside of the port, such as the provision of access to the port in the form of a new road through Rimrose Valley, the purpose of this website is to soley assist Peel Holdings and their Quality and Environmental teams, to identify and address environmental issues occuring within the Port of Liverpool.

Peel Holdings are aware of the potential impact of noise pollution, air pollution and light pollution from the Port of Liverpool, by working together with residents and businesses outside of the port there is no reason why the Port of Liverpool can not successfully operate, grow and reach financial targets, but doing so through an environmentally responsible operation.

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